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Scale Models

We create highly detailed and precise scale models, custom built to meet your highest expectations.

Our skilled staff can add lighting, interactive features and programming, moving parts, and more.

Residential Scale Models

Residential Scale Models can be built to replicate your dream home, your current home, or any other home that you desire. Our house scale models are accurate, and beautifully detailed! See the below samples of our our residential scale models!

Commercial Scale Models

Commercial Scale Models are very useful for presales, and marketing of a new building or development project. Fully detailed commercial scale models can be set up in the sales office, to show prospective property buyers, exactly what the new development will look like.

Interior Scale Models

Global 3D Arts customizes interior scale models down to the art on the walls. Whether you need an exterior and interior scale model with a removable roof, or you just need the interior modeled, Global 3D Arts has the experience and talent, to build your perfect scaled replica model!

Site Development Scale Models

Site development scale models are extremely valuable in demonstrating a large piece of land, and the layout in correspondence to adjoining buildings, sites, etc. In viewing a site development model, it is easy to see the lot size, building sizes, and relationship of all portions of the development in a scaled version.

Interactive Scale Models

Interactive models are the new "thing" for museums, sales centers, visitor centers, and marketing offices. They are also very useful for litigation cases, and product demonstrations. Global 3D Arts has the capability to produce an interactive model that is controlled via a touch screen monitor. Touch a building on the monitor and that building will light up on the model. The touch screen then can show renderings, animations, or a collection of text and photos. The possibilities are endless and Global 3D Arts has a talented electrical engineer on our model team to make your interactive model perfect!

Massing Models / Semi-Detailed Models

Massing models and semi-detailed models are also a valuable tool for visualizing your project. If you don't need the full detail, and are just wanting to see a scaled model of the layout, then a massing or semi-detailed model is a good option. Global 3D Arts offers many levels of detail, from all white block models with white landscaping, to semi-detailed buildings on fully landscaped sites, or any mix. Contact Global 3D Arts today for your massing or semi-detailed scale model!

Special Scale Models

Contact Global 3D Arts today to get a quote on any scale model project. We build scale models of boats, many different litigation/courtroom models, prototypes, and much more.

Want to get your own architectural animation made?

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