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We're happy to provide you with a free quote for any of our services including scale models, 3D animation, photorealistic 3D renderings, illustrations, and graphic design. Whether you intend to use your 3D renderings to acquire a building permit, obtain approval for your project, or use in promotions, we understand your need for prompt service... so we won't keep you waiting for your estimate. Then, if you decide to proceed with an order for any of our photorealistic 3D renderings or 3D animation services, we'll ask you to submit additional details about the project specifics so we can go to work.

When e-mailing don't forget to send your files including, floorplans, elevations, site plan, photos, sketches, or any other files that will help us to fully understand your project. Please include as much information as possible. Include the details about what exactly you would like us to quote for you.

Here is a list of the information that you can provide for us.

Contact us for more information about what details we need from you for any other project type including conceptual projects and animation projects.

Information needed for a Scale Model quote:

  • Site plan, floor plans, elevations (CAD format preferred, PDF accepted)
  • Scale that you want the model, or overall size you are envisioning
  • Detail level: All white massing model, or full color and detail?
  • Exterior Only model, or Interior included?
  • Boundaries of the site plan that should be included on the scale model
  • Use of the scale model
  • Delivery destination
  • Your time schedule for completion

Information needed for a Rendering or Animation quote:

  • Floorplans, elevations, site plan (CAD format preferred, PDF accepted)
  • Details about which viewpoint(s) you want us to quote
  • For animations, please send us a list of the path the animation should take so we know exactly which areas are to be included. Also provide us with the approximate length you want.
  • Your time schedule for completion

For any other project type including conceptual design projects, please just provide as many details and files that you can. We will get back to you with any questions that we may have.

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