Dusty, Scratched, Dirty

You have purchased your model; you have it placed in your office or home. Recently you have taken the model out and it has collected some dirt over the years.

Image result for person cleaning a scale model

Here are some hacks we have figured work best for a model to still look brand new. If you have a tiny shop vacuum they will be fairly useful for cleaning. If you do not and do not want to purchase one we recommend the following options!

These are all smaller items and can be made specifically for cleaning a model. The best option is a brush. We prefer you use a paint brush;the bristles are soft and smooth. This is so any dust that isn’t loose gets deep down in other areas where it can be hard to get to. Next is compressed air that is often used in an office setting. This gets even smaller spaces a brush can’t get through. You must be careful when using compressed air because it could move some landscaping or foliage that isn’t placed properly. Once the dust is good and gone up next is liquid cleaners. Some chemicals can affect the paint or plastic of a model. Soap and water does the trick. Apply to a wash cloth and remove any excess dirt.  Then let the model air-dry and your model will look as if it came straight from the shipping box. We also recommend the models to be cleaned monthly if at all possible.

If you have any questions or are needing more information do not hesitate to ask us!

3 Ways to Visualize your Project

Here at Global 3D Arts, we offer 3 unique ways to visualize your project. We are also THE One Stop Shop for all of your architectural needs!

Below are three different types of ways a person can visualize his or her project/creation. A Lighted Scale Model, an Animation, and Photo Realistic Renderings were all provided for this Porsche Dealership. Check it out below!

Lighted Scale Model

Photo Realistic Renderings


Real Estate Marketing Tools

In this recent project, we worked directly with the homeowner and real estate agent to create a visual representation to supplement their listing. We provided the clients with an overall site rendering and 3D floor plans of both the main residence and the guest house. In particular, they wanted to show possible structures and sports courts that could be added to the site. Our architectural visualization services are great marketing tools and very impressive to potential buyers.
Check out the listing for this beautiful home here!

Tradeshow Models

Here are a few models we have created recently to be used in trade shows. These models have lights, working components, and interactive features to help demonstrate the effectiveness of the product. They also include custom travel cases for easy and safe transportation.

Our clients have found our models to be extremely useful marketing tools at trade shows and events. If you you like to blow potential clients away at your next event, contact Global 3D Arts  to find out how we can help!  Contact us today!

Monochromatic Models

Here are a few models we have created recently. Both are very unique as they follow a neutral or monochromatic color scheme. The lack of color allows for more focus and attention to the details and provides a very modern look.

Do you have a unique idea that you would love to see brought to life? Contact us today for all of your architectural and visual arts needs!

Photo Realistic Renderings


We recently did some photo realistic renderings for a bank in Missouri. For this particular project, the client was changing the color of the stone work on the building and wanted to see what it would look like once the work was completed. Renderings are a great way to see the finished project and also a great way to compare different color/style options for a project.


Cloisters on the Platte Model


The Cloisters on the Platte Foundation hosts retreats in the tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola, amidst the natural beauty of the Platte River valley. Designed with the aesthetic value of understated elegance, The Cloisters on the Platte will be comprised of 7 Guest Lodges, each with ten private bedrooms. Each bedroom will have its own private bathroom and be designed with a unique architectural perspective intended to promote a spiritual connection with God. The Cloisters on the Platte Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by entrepreneur and philanthropist Joe Ricketts. Find out more about The Cloisters on the Platte.


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Holcim Interactive Model

Check out what we have been doing!  These interactive models are quite impressive,  if we do say so ourselves.
We just delivered these models to Holcim (US) Inc. one of the nation’s leading manufactures and suppliers of cement and mineral components.  Check them out at http://www.holcim.us/.
These two models are 5′ x 5′ and 5′ x 8′ in size! They include a 21″ touch screen with each.  This allows the viewer to select a specific area on the model.  That area will light up on the model and the screen will display a picture and/or description of that area.  This type of model gets the viewer more involved and more interested in learning about the company and how it works.  The picture below demonstrates this.
As you can see, these models have some accessories.  The skirted tables are made special for the models.  They are made out of cherry!  Also they have special made covers to protect the model.   These accessories really make these models look classy.
This picture demonstrates how the interactive touch screen and model work together.
Wow! Check out the typography on this model!