The MONA Scale Model

A Monochromatic Marvel

Ready for a tongue twister? Then meet our magnificent monochromatic MONA Museum Model!

Just recently delivered to Omaha, Nebraska to the architects office for the MONA Museum of Nebraska Art located in Kearney, this model was made to be utilized as a presentation piece for their proposed expansion and restoration of the museum. The current museum is housed in the historic 1911 United States Post Office building in Kearney. As the MONA’s programs and exhibits have grown over the years, so has their need for a larger and more accessible space.

We are pleased to have been able to create this special scale model to bring their vision for the renovations to life! The combination of the monochromatic color scheme with the green landscaping and lighting has produced a model that compliments the beautiful details of the historic post office building and the modern look of the new additions.

The MONA model is a perfect representation of how scale models can bring architectural concepts to life and be used to market projects! We look forward to seeing this project take form and are ecstatic to have been a part of the process. Thank you to everyone we worked with at the MONA for choosing Global 3D Arts!

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Say Hello to Our Latest Project – The Best Egg Models

Ten Times as Great

What’s better than one model you say? Well, ten of course!

Our latest project had us creating ten identical tabletop-sized exterior scale models for Best Egg, a loan agency located in Wilmington, Delaware. These models, which were shipped off last week, will be used as a surprise at an event to celebrate this new building in the next coming days.

Hard Work & Dedication

Due to the event date being so soon, we had to work on a very tight schedule, but by putting all of our focus on this project we were able to make these beautiful models possible.

It was an great pleasure to work with the people at Best Egg, and we are so glad that we were able to do this project for them. We hope that these models make for an awesome surprise!

Progress on the FHSU Scale Model Updates

Time to check in!

Victor E. Village

First up for the updated scale models is Victor E. Village! Victor E. Village is home to over 400 students and 17 Learning Communities. This unique building is where many first-year students at Fort Hays State University live and enjoy updated amenities, a comfortable lobby, private pod-styled restrooms and showers, and even an Italian take away restaurant.

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The scale of the FHSU model results in a very tiny model that can fit into the palm of your hand! Soon, we will be adding all of the finishing details to the Victor E. Village model, including the paint, stonework, and a roof to replicate the actual building. There will definitely be more exciting updates to come on this part of the model!

Center for Applied Technology

Next, we have the Center for Applied Technology scale model in the works. Another important newer addition on the Fort Hays State University campus, the Center for Applied Technology hosts classes in computer-aided drafting, construction management, graphics, interior design, computer science and more. On the north corner of College Drive and 8th Street, this impressive structure is a whopping 58,000 square feet and came with a price tag of $16.5 million.

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Davis Hall, which was razed in 2017 and formerly housed technology studies at FHSU, is still currently present on the campus scale model, but will be removed with the 2021 updates. The intricate details and design on the Center for Applied Technology model will make this building stand out on the FHSU scale model!

Keep an eye out for the full transformation as many more updates and pictures are still to come!

Fort Hays State University Scale Model Updates

Big Changes

Lewis Field Stadium & Schmidt-Bickle Training Facility on the scale model from 2012.

We are excited to announce that we will be beginning the process of updating the Fort Hays State University Scale Model that we created nine years ago.

Did you know? Today, there are approximately 45 buildings that are a part of Fort Hays State University’s campus. Since our model was made in 2012, there have been 8 new buildings added/are in the process of being added.

Then & Now

Campus buildings on scale model from 2012.
Originally presented to the university nine years ago, the massive 7-foot by 10-foot Fort Hays State University scale model also features an interactive computer monitor that allows viewers to light up different buildings and learn more information about FHSU’s campus. The model has been used as an asset to the university for years to recruit prospective students and faculty, while also serving as an important tool for new students orienting to campus. An invaluable visualization resource, the interactive model helps people keep up to date with all of the exciting new additions to campus as well.
Photo of the Quad/Union on the scale model from 2012.
With the amount of renovations that have been made to campus since 2012, the university has requested updates to the model to better represent all of the impressive improvements to campus. The original construction of the model took Global 3D Arts about three years, with nearly a thousand photos of the FHSU campus and its buildings used as reference to create the meticulously designed scale model. Before the model’s 10th anniversary, it will be completely updated for all to enjoy and see how much the campus has grown.

Key Updates to the Model

Wiest Hall (Razed 2012)

Photo of Wiest Hall building present on the scale model from 2012.

Davis Hall (Razed 2017)

Photo of Davis Hall building present on the scale model from 2012.

Hansen Hall (Completed 2016)

Retrieved from

Victor E. Village (Completed 2017)

Retrieved from

Tiger Village (Completed 2017)

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Residential Life Maintenance (Completed 2017)

Retrieved from

Center for Applied Technology (Completed 2017)

Retrieved from

Art & Design Hall and Moss-Thorns Gallery (Completed 2019)

Retrieved from

Fischli-Wills Center for Student Success (Scheduled Completion 2021)

Retrieved from

Stay Tuned!

As we move forward with this project, we will be sure to post as many updates as possible, so stay tuned. Make sure to check us out on social media to keep up with this amazing project and much more!

The Sycamore Resort Scale Model

Sunshine State of Mind

New scale model coming to you all the way from sunny Orlando, Florida! With its many palm trees and luxurious pool, the Sycamore Resort Scale Model has us feeling like we’re on vacation.

For this project, we had the opportunity to produce not just one, but TWO identical scale models for Primeland Development of their Sycamore Resort project in Orlando, which will be going into their sales offices in Kissimmee and Miami.

The Sycamore Resort Scale Model was a very special project for Global 3D Arts. Owner Dave Van Doren was able to deliver the models to Primeland Development’s sales team in their Kissimmee Sales Office and also see the project site where the Sycamore Resort is being built! If you happen to be in the market for a luxury condo near Disney World, these lovely ladies will take great care of you!

The Story of the Steam Turbine Model

What is the story behind this piece?

A huge part of what we do at Global 3D Arts involves learning about the story behind the piece, as each project that we do is unique and has a totally different story to tell. Our renderings, animations, and scale models can be used for so many purposes, but often they are used as tools to visualize the bigger picture and to educate.


Steam turbine located at York County Solid Waste and Refuse Authority in York, Pennsylvania which was used as a reference to create the scale model.

Recently, we just finished up a special project for York County Solid Waste and Refuse Authority in York, Pennsylvania of a steam turbine in their facility. While working with them, we learned that the goal for this model is to facilitate their mission of educating the public about responsible waste management and how trash is turned into energy.


This model was special for us because we were able to branch out and do something unique outside of the realm of traditional architectural scale models.

As we ship off the Steam Turbine Model to go into the YCSWA’s Education Center, we come away having learned something new. We hope that this model will continue to tell its story and educate others about this important cause!

Monochromatic Monday

Monochromatic models show the true beauty of the model without multiple distractions of color. The main focus is the model itself!

More Colors!
We love a model with colors that POP, but our monochromatic models are a hit! They give a modern and unique feel. We can make your model any monochromatic color, white is the most requested but we have also used tan, red, green!
Here To Serve You! Our services are great way for a business to sell their designs to builders and investors! We specialize in animations, renderings and scale models. To see more of our services check out or website!

A Recap Of 2020

Wishing you good times, good cheerand a memorable new year.
As 2020 comes to an end we would like to thank you all! This year has been a whirlwind. From working via emails and phones calls to Zoom meetings and much much more! The patience from our clients has been the best part and working with people that are new to us but also our loyal customers of 10+years.

We could not have done it without you checking our blog posts, newsletters and social media’s. This is a great way for our local business to get its name out to the public.

We have been able to effectively create renderings and scale models for our clients in a timely matter. As we go forth with 2021 we hope you enjoy a recap of some of our projects from 2020. We just want to thank you, for supporting our small business!

Motorola vs. Apple The Battle

Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, all cell phones companies from previous years. But what is the feud behind Motorola and Apple? That’s the real questions. 10 years ago cellphones were making it big time, almost everyone owned a cell phone, it was easy access.

10 years ago Apple created allegations that other cell phones companies, such as Motorola had copied many features from Apple.
If interested in knowing more about the Apple/Motorola lawsuit, click on the link below that mentions the lawsuit battle.

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“As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” – Norman Foster

Windsor Masonic Temple

Quantity:5 models
Size:7 x 7 inches
Location: Canada
The Story

A Masonic Temple which is also known as a Masonic Hall , from the Freemasonry. Masonic Temple are a place for spiritual settings and rituals. Best known for a place of meetings. Today the Windsor Masonic Temple, located in Windsor, Ontario in Canada is still being used.

To step inside the Windsor Masonic Temple is to follow in the footsteps of the men and women (from Prime Ministers to Custodians, from Mayors to Musicians) that have, if only for an evening, called the Windsor Masonic Temple home.

The Windsor Masonic Temple is a Masonic home. It is also home to the cherished memories of our friends, neighbors, parents, and grandparents; memories formed through school dances and graduations, weddings and receptions, banquets and (yes) Masonic ceremonies.

Global 3D Arts has had the opportunity to create 5 mini replica models of the Windsor Masonic Temple.

For more information see our podcast with Square & Compass Promotions showing how this amazing model was built.

We have been grateful to create five models for the organization. Stay tuned for more masonic models!
The Final Product!
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“As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” – Norman Foster