Let’s Talk About Landscaping

Landscaping = Visual Appeal

Boca Raton Scale Model

It’s the name of the scale modeling game!

The different colors, textures and layers that are added to a model with landscaping give dimension as well as a more hyper-realistic, expensive feel.
Landscaping also shows context, denoting location/climate (palm trees vs pine trees) and time (greens vs yellow to red tones). Just as quality landscaping adds aesthetic value and curb appeal to a physical property, so does scale model landscaping.
The best way for us to get the landscaping on your scale model just right is for you to provide detailed landscaping plans with your inquiry. If the model is of an existing structure, photos and drawings are just as useful! Give us a description of how you want the landscaping to compliment the rest of the model and we can work our magic.
Check out the beautiful landscaping on some of our previous projects featured below!
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Cloisters Scale Model

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